Before Christmas – which I completely accept seems like 9 million years ago after the pretty rough start to the new year we’ve had – Amy and myself reminisced on our wedding days 10+ years ago (click here to see mine!). This week, I am back to share with you the inspiration I’d be pulling on if planning my dream 2021 wedding today.

To be quite honest, I found this task rather hard. I have such a love and appreciation for so many different styles that to settle on one seemed impossible when I set out. Could I have a dream wedding week maybe, with a different set up each day? Perhaps that’s a little indulgent, and slightly unnecessary!

So without further ado… let me introduce you to my dream wild, abandoned, raw edged wedding.

Wedding Venue

For this inspiration I started of thinking about the venue I would like. The rugged history and realness of abandoned buildings being bought to life to celebrate love, really drew me in so that’s where we begin.

Natural, slightly broken, entangled with weeds that have forced themselves between the cracks; this would act as the perfect backdrop to my dream wedding day, furnished with minimal extras. Wooden cross back chairs with a bit of wild floral aisle styling. Candles everywhere … remember Ross and Emily’s wedding from Friends? Kind of like a more elegant modern version of that!

Wedding Flowers

Flowers would be wild and natural, with a neutral palette containing all sorts of beautiful fresh and dried delights such as fern, bleached ruscus, eucalyptus, poppy seed heads, bunny tails and ranunculus. Displayed beautifully here by Fleur de T.

Wedding Dress & Bridesmaids

My wedding dress probably wouldn’t be a dress at all, but separate trousers and top, I love the idea of paring the wide legged, satin Aurelia trousers with the gorgeous floral lace Dasha top from Catherine Deane.

For the bridesmaids, I’d love them to pick their own style and shape as long as it sat within a more neutral palette … a soft grey, green or blush maybe. These gowns from Made with Love would be perfect!

Wedding Stationery

Stationery would be created using handmade papers with deckle (rough) edges and a simple typographic design similar to this stunning design by Claire Heffer. Again, in natural tones to set the scene for the day from the first glimpse of the invitation and carried through to menus and place settings at the wedding breakfast.

Wedding Cake

When it comes to wedding cake, I would have a simple but beautifully executed two tier sponge cake of my all time favourite flavours – lemon for one tier, and chocolate orange for the other 😋 I love this design by Sophie Page.

Music & Food

With my husband being a self confessed music aficionado, he’d no doubt create playlists for throughout the day, but I would still love a live band for a couple of hours in the evening – nothing beats live music to build an atmosphere!

And of course, food and drink would be plenty… I would have an array of mobile caterers and bars a la Digbeth Dining Club, so there would be something for everyone in a more relaxed and informal style of celebration than a traditional three+ course wedding breakfast.

*sighs with a smile* despite struggling at first to settle on a clear route for my dream 2021 wedding, I have actually really enjoyed bringing together this inspirational piece. Hopefully you will enjoy looking through it just as much.

If you’re looking to create something similar for your big day, PLEASE get in touch… I would love nothing more than to be involved in bringing this vision to life for the perfect bride!

Happy planning 🙂




* Images sourced from Pinterest and tagged with original source where known.